As an Italian girl from Upstate New York, there was always a stack of books by my side. But it wasn’t always about reading other people’s stories, I had to tell them. My first book was a compelling tale of a family making a journey along the Oregon Trail for Mrs. Dickinson’s second-grade class project. Since then, my world has revolved around books.

Diana and llamas 3

I am a self-proclaimed history nerd with an insatiable wanderlust. However, it wasn’t until I tried to study my own family’s genealogy that I found a passion for historical fiction. Specifically, Italian and American Italian history.

I love to write about women who don’t quite fit societal norms, a topic that is quite prevalent in Italian history.

In addition to writing fiction, I am the co-host of the literary podcast Wine, Women and Words.

I currently reside in the Los Angeles area with my husband/favorite travel companion and our dogs.